Blender Plugins Review

Blender Plugins Review

Cg art

Awesome Features of Blender extended by Plugins

Go here for lists of plugins in blender.

GitHub - agmmnn/awesome-blender: 🪐 A curated list of awesome Blender addons, tools, tutorials; and 3D resources for everyone. For tons of great plugins

How to use these plugins and reviews by Youtubers


Plugins that are preinstalled with Blender that should be turned on.

Material Library.   Hopefully the blender 3 asset library will supercede this.  Depending on what your doing in blender certain plugins can remain off.  But Materials library and Materials Utility should be turned on.  I couldn't find the select by surface feature anywhere, and it resides in this plugin.  Also copy active material to


Animation Nodes Helps with some nice animation features

Key Mesh Click the link and Scroll down to see the Tutorial, This plugin makes key frames for mesh shapes

GrasWald Uses geometry nodes to add in scattered objects onto an object. 

Reptopolgy - Different plugins and why they are good or only so so

I like this plugin because it makes texturing so much easier. 


Favorite Plugins

KitOps free Kit bashing made easy with thumbnails.  Also boolean modeling.

Welder  Make welds easily.

Machine Tools Great helpful add ons.  Like align tool that is awesome in one click.

Camera Shakify is an awesome Plugin that makes even normal camera moves look epic.

Blender Farm    A stand alone render farm if you have several computers in your house.







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