How to Tutorials

How to Tutorials

Hi my name is Antonio, and I've created as a way for me to organize what I learned about Blender.  You might find the site helpful also, I try to post videos that explained something I didn't know in Blender. Sometimes when you watch a video there are some good tips that you think, where did I see that tip? I try to summarize them so I can use the search function and organization of this website.  I post all the things I find helpful when creating Cool Computer Graphics.  I call this section How to, these are some of the best Blender tutorials on the various subjects.  If you find this site helpful, consider helping me learn blender with with my Patreon Page

How to


Setup Blender Preferences


Motion Graphics

How to make a HUD   (heads up display) motion graphic



Claymation, you can do Ardman (Wallace and Grommit, and Shawn the Sheep) Style claymation in Blender. Including Lip Snyc



How to make a room


Make Great Montages

Make Product Models and Animation


Make Simulations

Do Cloth Simulation


Make a Logo

Make Wireframe Animations



Animate a car



How to model a Dinosaur

How to Rig a DInosaur



How to make your own anime

How to make Anime like cartoon shaders



How to Make, rig, animate a mech






How to make a space scene

How to make a nebulae for your space scene (in eevee)

How to make a planet in Space

How to make asteroids

Space Ship Interior

Space Exhaust without particles

How to make a Startrek Scene

How to make a Star Wars Scene

How to make Star Wars Starships

How to model Star Wars Characters



How to make grass scenes

How To make Crystals

How to use photoshop to enhance your blender scene

How to add realism to your Environment



Nurnies Greeblies Cables

How to make Cables


Motion Capture

How to Get Motion Capture from a Camera



How to fund your Cg Projects

Helpful Tips


Getting started on 3d, a podcast by Blender guru 




One of my favorite Tutorials because he Shows how to Model, Texture and Animate. How to make a Product video - He goes over how to use an audio file in Blender and how to sync up your animation to the music.  He uses modifiers to model the phone too.  He shows some lighting setup also. He makes an awesome phone commercial.  One important thing I noticed is how he setup his shots.  He used collections for each shot, and a trash collection with all the shot elements.  This makes for a quick workflow. No appending files.



Great simple tutorial on how to make a simple low poly tree with good detail.


He models the tracks and cogs, and Animates the treads.  Advanced setup, easy steps. Very well thought out video.


How to do Retopology Tutorial, he uses several methods that might save you time.