Review Of Sanctus Procedural Material Library On Blender Market

I purchased the Sanctus Material  add on (Click on this link to buy)  from Blender market and think that the materials he has are quite Good.  Certainly saved me lot of time if I had to make these materials myself and I think I would be hard pressed to make materials as well as he does.

I am by no means a blender guru but I found using these materials Made my objects look better.  



This was originally the helix building project, but afterwards I added a mixamo motions to an Evangelion and rendered some action shots.  I then edited them together in Resolve.

Lego Space Force

This project is something that I think has great potential because Lego produced so many Sets in the 1980's that I grew up with as a kid and loved.
There was less aliens and things like that and more focused on space exploration.   Later on they made alien sets.  

So a few things allowed me to start this project.  One is the website.  (don't spell that site wrong.) 
And (which has all the sets with info and links to mecaBricks.)