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Ken Mayes is creating Star Trek Fan Stories in Great depth and detail using Blender!
Bridge scene created by Ken in blender

interior of the shimanoKen Mayes a texan Blender user is creating entire Fan fiction short stories using blender. He's written and created static visuals for his short story titled "Rescue of the Albatros".

Peter Mon, 02/06/2023 - 20:11

Lego Space Force

This project is something that I think has great potential because Lego produced so many Sets in the 1980's that I grew up with as a kid and loved.
There was less aliens and things like that and more focused on space exploration.   Later on they made alien sets.  

So a few things allowed me to start this project.  One is the website.  (don't spell that site wrong.) 
And (which has all the sets with info and links to mecaBricks.)