How to make a startrek scene

How to make a startrek scene

First some inspiration:


Here is a nice warp sequence


First goto blendswap and grap a few startrek models. 


Here is reference for phasers, Which were great for the time, which today blender can easily do better.

More reference, keep in mind the new movies have better versions.Much much better.

The voyager phasers done in lightwave, watch the shot at 44secs. Nice build up and fire of the voyager Phasers. 


Here is more reference of phasers, the new startrek movie view at time 1:03  Thes are very different Phasers from the tng series.

If you want enterprise phasers Watch this video at 1:16 secs.  You can watch the Tutorial right below this one the light saber to get an idea on how to do this type of phaser.


This tutorial doesn't seem to be trek like, but if you use make the light saber, and make it red, and make the center less white, Makes a great phaser blast if you animate that as a blast.


This tutorial nails the laser phaser look and tells you how to achieve this. Similar to the one above.

Here is another way to make a energy blast type of effect that can be used for alien weapons.


So you can get the charge up of the Phasers, in this video

Here is a reference of Phasers on shields at 3:35 Done in lightwave.


Here are some Great energy blasts that could be used as the phasers hit the shields.



Here is some reference on shields, Startrek and Starwars.

Here is one way to make shields for your ships.


Here is a nice tutorial to do shields for your star trek ships.


Here is an Intermediate Skills tutorial.  Make cool shield that react to photon torpedoes, using dynamic paint.  Nice link to the discovery model too. With a little higher res textures this video has serious potential.  And to animate something like this would be so much easier using his methods here.  What a great idea.


Nice warp in effect for the Discovery Model.


Here is another warp jump with some effects too.


Create an interior for some character shots.


Making a pretty decent warp field.


This person uses three objects which makes the starfield look more random?  Looks good also, similar technique.


Ok create nebula for your backgrounds using the new volume shaders.  (Very cpu gpu intensive though.)  I'm thinking to render this out and use that as a image plane in the background, or animate the nebula and use that as image plane.  I made a page on Where you can watch Nebula tutorials here.

Create a borg vessal

Or download the excellent one from Marc Bell at blendswap.

Here is an image of the nebula and the Marc bell Borg cube I did in blender. You can get more startrek high quality models from him here.



Add in planets.  I made a page with tutorials on planets here. 


You can add explosions using mantiflow, and then mapping these aniamations onto a plane, or baking them.


Or if you have a slower computer use a vdb file and use that.


Add in a black hole for the Enterprise to fly around

Add some asteroids for the trek ships to fly around, phaser, or just add visual interest.



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